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Fall Ceiling


False ceiling is used to beautify the interior of the house, to reduce the heat inside the room and to get light in all parts of the room equally. False ceiling is the first choice when it comes to interior design. False ceiling work done before laying the tiles.  False sealing work is done after putting primer on the wall. 


Different types of ceiling materials


·       PVC

·       W. P.C.

·       Gypsum board

·       Wooden ceiling


Gypsum board ceilings


Gypsum board ceilings are widely used in homes and other commercial projects. False sealing is done before the flooring to prevent scratches on the floor by putting scaffolding on the floor.  Also, when the ceiling is finished with putty, the dust will stick to the floor and it cause scratches.  This is because of the fact that the ceiling before the floor is laid.


First the design of the false ceiling is drawn on the ceiling.  The anchor is then bolted to the required parts and the drop is fastened.  After that the sections are done in it.  After the section, the wiring for the lights on the ceiling is done.  After this the gypsum board is fitted. The point for the lights is cut to the size of the light, then the joint is closed and putty is finished.



Gypsum board should not be sealed in damp places. Some houses have an air hole just below the roof.  False ceilings in that room allow air to enter the fall ceiling and allow organisms to enter through it.  Therefore, false ceiling can be done only after closing the air hole.

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