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Different types of Interior design materials

  • Particle board
  • MDF
  • HDF
  • UPVC Board (Multi wood)
  • WPC Board
  • Marine Plywood

Particle board

Particle board is made of wooden chips.  This is also called low density fiber bird.  If the water gets wet, the particle board will swell and become useless.  This material is used in commercially available furniture.  Average lifespan of the particle board is five to ten years.  Particle board is mostly used for commercial interiors like office interiors, Boutique Interior and other Commercial interiors.


MDF’s full name is Medium Density Fibber Board.  The MDF is a little stronger than the particle board.  However, it should not be used in damp places.  It is mostly used for carving.  It is used extensively in commercial furniture as well as particle board. MDF has a square foot right of 72-80.  MDF is also available as preliminaries.


 UPVC Board (Multi wood)

UPVC Board Commonly known as Multi wood.  The UPVC Board was first introduced in India by the Thompson Company. They named it Multi wood. The UPVC board is available in 6-7 shades. Screw Holding Capacity the main problem of Multi wood. To Avoid the Screw Holding Capacity we have to use separate plug one holes.

 WPC Board

Marine Plywood


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